Just don’t get stressed!

We all know stress is just not good for us right? It basically puts our bodies into total meltdown mode – its like red alert on the starship enterprise (if your a star trek fan) – you know when Captain Picard starts to shut down life support on different decks to get out of a stick situation – that’s basically us on stress.

So without going into the details too much I hope that gives you an idea of how bad stress is on the body.

In terms of curing a yeast infection, stress can be pretty disastrous if its sustained or severe. It basically raises our blood sugar through the adrenal system and helps to feed the yeast while we are stressed. Definitely not what we want when we are making great efforts with our diet to control it.

But here is the thing its not that simple to just “avoid stress”! Its something that happens to us, we cannot simply choose not to get stressed (have you tried this is stressful situation? “oh hang on I know I just wont stress out!” – doesn’t work that way does it?).

Its the situation that sparks the stress. And we cannot simply make a conscious decision to not react to it.

What we can do is start to understand why we get stressed (have you noticed that some people freak out at things that don’t bother you and vice versa? What’s that all about?)

What we can start to look at is our subconscious triggers – the things that we observe happening around us and something clicks in our subconscious mind – it makes a decision that this is a dangerous / unwanted situation, and we start getting stressed.

We want to start to understand the logic behind our subconscious minds choice to make something a threat.

Often it can just be conditioning – your parents thought like that and they instilled those same perceptions into you. It could be around money. They may have had fear around making decisions around money, and now if you have to make a decision around money such as buying or selling a house, you react the way you were thought to react.

After identifying what our stress triggers are (the situations that cause us stress), we need to begin breaking down the decisions or subconscious thinking that makes something a stressor.

After that we have to begin to break down those old mind patterns, and form new perceptions about these events so that we begin to reduce the severity of our stress response.

Eventually we want to not be reacting with stress to (ideally!) any situation.

Yes we will continue to get stressed in the meantime but by reducing our reactions will train ourselves to be more in control of our thinking and perceptions, stay more calm and collected (rational) and creative in challenging times, and have more control over our physiological state ( we get to control our blood sugar levels, reducing unwanted blood sugar spikes and paving the way for healthier way of being).


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