Candidiasis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Book Review

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Kurt Donsbach is the author of this small but informative book (more like a booklet at 78 pages).

The Author Kurt Donsbach refers to himself as one of the worlds foremost nutritionists and health care educators. He is a Chiropractor, Phd and has setup Nutrition schools in the US, Israel and Japan.

He has extensive experience in treating this condition and this little book is very informative about different treatments.

Just reading the table of contents you can see that the book is well written and considers multiple approaches to treating Candida. His approach is to explain what Candida is, how it gets into the body, how it effects the Immune system, how it relates to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Aids, How to destroy it and reverse the damage it causes.

In this book he addresses the root causes of the disease (Candida) and why the methods prescribed by doctors don’t work in the long term. He goes into very in depth detail on how to treat using natural methods – natural supplements, exercise and diet – including dosages and time frames for treatments.

The author emphasizes the effect Candida has on the immune system multiple times throughout the book – stressing that it will be a factor in any subsequent disease in the person who has it.

Included is a helpful questionnaire to see if (and to what extent) you have an infection of Candida.

He discusses in detail the immune system, natural treatments vs drug treatments including pros and cons, the role of diet and exercise and he even goes into germ theory and candida cell mutation in the body.


All in all this is one of the most informative and detailed books on the topic of Candida I have seen. It really simplified the diet side of treatment and clarifies what natural treatments to use making the whole approach much easier to follow.

If you have been looking to learn more about Candida and how to get control of it and free yourself from its grip then this book would be an excellent resource.

You can read reviews and / or but the book here on and here for amazon UK users.


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